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As I have spent the past months reviewing and discerning our new homeschooling cirriculum, I feel that I have found several wonderful sites.  All of the sites listed on this page are Catholic providers, and their prices are absolutely outstanding!!
I would love it if you were to visit the following sites and support their wonderful cause of advancing the homeschooling education.


This supplier is absolutely wonderful!!  Not only does Linda carry just about anything you could think of, but her prices are out of this world!!!  Well, in a very inexpensive way.  She spent about at least 30 minutes with me one night just discussing homeschooling in general and left me several messages regarding the status of my order... she even called me in regards to one book's cover being slightly faded as it appeared to have been sitting underneath other books and wanted to know if I still wanted it, or if I wanted to wait for a better looking copy.  As a bonus, she homeschooled her own children and is very knowledgable of the trials and blessings this calling can bring.  This is the first place I go to look for items!
I also wanted to share with you that Sacred Heart Books and Gifts carries the most incredible Catholic history series (as do others, but their price is the best!) The history series is intended for grades 4-8, it is called Land of Our Lady.

I have actually created an outline for the first 2 volumes, and so far with the first book, I have included when I am going to be using supplementals to the text such as old re-printed Catholic books, stories of particular saints from that time in history, videos, and story coloring books.

Amazingly, in that time, I realized that I had never learned history from such a rich and thorough perspective. I have never been so impressed by a history book!!! I would recommend this series to every Catholic family, especially those wanting to see the birth of Christ mentioned as an actual historical turning point in our world's history!

By the way, if you would like a copy of my outline, let me know and I would gladly email it to you.

Not only does this supplier carry a huge variety of Catholic homeschooling materials, but this supplier carries a wonderful Catholic written history unit study called History Links.  There are currently seven units ranging from Creation to Ancient Rome (with Ancient Rome being divided into 3 separate volumes which you must buy separately).  I have also noticed that they give a discount on orders; I'm not sure of the exact criteria to receive one, but that I see it in bright pink on my receipt.