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As I have spent the past months reviewing and discerning our new homeschooling cirriculum, I feel that I have found several wonderful sites and materials.  Additionally, the prices are absolutely incredible which is always a plus when looking for books for the larger family!!
I would love it if you were to visit the following sites and support their wonderful cause of advancing the homeschooling education.
Please be aware though that the sites included on this page are either secular or 'only' Christian in nature, for which some anti-Catholic teachings and views may be expressed.  However, I have noted which ones are such and what supplies I have bought from them.


Are you looking for Saxon Math for your homeschoolers???  If so, visit this site!

They have the BEST prices for Saxon Math on the entire internet...  I noticed as much as $20-$30 cheaper than other sites :cheer    In addition to the Homeschool kits, they also provide the required Manipulative kits for a very good price with the option of buying the combined kit for grades K-3.  I also found that they carry the D.I.V.E Supplemental cd-roms for the higher Saxon courses (Saxon 5/4 and up).  Unfortunately, everyone seems to price this cd-rom at $50.00.   However, my oldest, who was very turned off by math last year, if absolutely loving this supplement. 
**Warning about the cd-rom**  Its creator is not related to Saxon Math which is not a big deal as he takes each lesson one by one and explains them very well.  HOWEVER, as a warning, he says that he does profess himself as a Christian and says that if you are not okay with it, then you can fast-forward through it and not listen to it at all.  However, just to see what was being said, I listened and as he professes his Christian faith, he writes on the "chalkboard" that in order to be saved, one must only profess their faith in Jesus Christ... something that is very evidently not in line with the Catholic Church.  The good thing is that you can fast-forward straight through it! 
I am not through with this page; I will continue adding more suppliers...